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Hi, we're
The Travel Story Society! 

We (Matty and Sintija) started

The Travel Story Society in 2020 after another lockdown in the UK was announced.

We hated the feeling of being stuck, unable to travel. We realised that what we miss the most is hearing peoples' travel stories, all about peoples' adventures - the good, the bad and everything in between.


So, we started off with a blog where us two, our friends and eventually other travellers shared their experiences. Now we also have a podcast available on every major streaming platform with season 2 coming soon! 

If you would like to send in a blog or come on the podcast drop us a message below or contact us through any social media platform. 


Matty and Sintija 

If you enjoy what were doing you can get us a coffee :) 

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Matthew Waters
The Travel Story Society

Three Fun Facts

- I know lots of random chocolate facts

- I will burst into a musical whenever the opportunity arises

- I have an unhealthy obsession with Tuna Sandwiches 




Sintija Tocs-Macane
The Travel Story Society

Three Fun Facts

- Did you know I'm Latvian?

Check the podcast!

- I once had a pet rabbit called chikita 

- During summer me and my mate go to kids parties and blow massive bubbles 




Rhys Ash Powell
Off the Beaten Track 

Three Fun Facts

-My mum is a French Teacher but I only know how to ask for a beer

- I collect antique cameras

- I have every world flag, and most capital cities, committed to memory


To get one of your stories featured on
The Travel Story Society Blog or podcast just get in contact with us here

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Thanks for submitting!

2020 The Travel Story Society. All Rights Reserved.

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