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Melbourne Dreamin'

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

When people ask the question “if you could travel to any country in the world, where would it be?” Australia is usually not the answer they expect to hear, but that has always been mine. Ever since I could remember, Australia was a destination that I dreamed about visiting. Maybe it was the accents? Picture-perfect landscapes? Cool wildlife? The correct answer is all the above and more.

After graduating with a BA in International Business and Management and a music minor, I decided to look for work opportunities in the music industry, one that would allow me to travel would be a major plus. I stumbled across a service that connected people with internships abroad in their chosen field of work. I decided to give it a try and landed a six-week Social Media Marketing and Events internship with a music company in Melbourne. The opportunity that I had been dreaming of was finally coming true.

Melbourne is a city for creatives and is known for their aesthetically pleasing brunch and coffee culture, which was the definition of perfection in my books. Although I am not much of a coffee drinker, I still think about that cappuccino from the local cafe, located just below my office. The best coffee I have ever had. The trendy brunch and coffee culture is similar of that to LA. You can just sit and chill in trendy cafés and restaurants chilling in the sunny beauty of the Southern Australian city. It is a perfect example of what an urban destination should be like and there is a reason it is ranked one of the best places to live in the world.

Must Try Restaurants in Melbourne

Melbourne is famous for its amazing food scene. It is home to a crazy array of restaurants of all kinds of food. If you love just heading into town and picking what country’s cuisine you want that night, then Melbourne is the place for you. From Japanese to Mexican Melbourne has it all and here are just three of my favourites.


Australia has a huge Japanese population, and this has translated through to the food. There are loads of amazing Japanese restaurants all over Melbourne, but this is my favourite. Set in the heart of Downtown Melbourne is the Calia Emporium, a unique restaurant and shop specialising in top quality Japanese fusion food. It isn’t the cheapest restaurant on the planet, but for the quality you really won’t complain. This isn’t an everyday snack, but it is an amazing experience, especially if you fancy an expensive night out in Melbourne. In Calia you can expect to pay between 17 and 40 Australian Dollars for a main, but again the quality is unreal.

Naughty Boy Café

Located on Lygon Street between Carlton North and Princes Hill is the classical indie café of Naughty Boy Café. Its setting in a large industrial space gives it something very different and the amazing food gives it a special place in my heart. It is a great spot for breakfast, coffee and their famous InstaShakes, the freakiest of freak shakes. It is a great place just to sit and chat with friends whilst having some delicious food. For me Cafes like this are a must for any city and make them incredibly easy to live in.

Must Visit Destinations in Melbourne

Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Park

It wouldn’t be a trip to Australia without seeing some wildlife and this is a great place to do it in Melbourne. It is home to some of Australia’s most famous animals and is an amazing day out. But it doesn’t have to be a daytime activity. The Moonlit Sanctuary offers night tours where they will pick you up in central Melbourne, take you up to the Sanctuary, and then give you a tour of the grounds. This is the best time to see a Koala awake and active so I would definitely check it out.

Hosier Lane

For those of you who love street art Melbourne is hot on that too! Hosier Lane is home to an incredible urban art scene. Every wall is filled with beautiful art created by local artists. It is right in the middle of the city, not far from Federation Square so definitely lookout for it.

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market is described as the heart and soul of Melbourne for more than a century. It stretches over two city blocks and is a great place to find and support local business in Melbourne. It is a great place to go to find the best local produce and food vendors just like most markets across the world. You can even take part in a ‘foodie tour’ where a market guide shows the best places to eat in the market. It hosts loads of great events throughout the year and is a must visit.

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It is a Great Ocean Road. This incredible road covering the southern tip of Australia stretches from Torquay to Nelson. Now this isn’t technically in Melbourne, but it starts a 90 minute drive away from the city, and in Australia a 90 minute drive is nothing. This route is famous for its rugged scenery and incredible look over the Ocean. This is a must for any trip to Australia not just Melbourne.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to jumpstart my career in the music industry, establish meaningful connections, and immerse in the Australian culture. Melbourne will always hold a special place in my heart. Before anyone asks, no I am not a fan of vegemite, not sure I’ll ever be.

One of my favourite moments from the trip was petting some koalas and kangaroos and getting to take a few photos for memories sake. Definitely a great way to earn some brownie points with family and friends!

For those of you thinking about making a trip down under, it is definitely worth the trip!


A massive thank you to Julie for a blog post, a great one about the wonderful city of Melbourne and I must say it really makes me want to get there. Julie is the owner of the Instagram account Simply Julie. It is a great lifestyle blog full of tips as well as Julie just living and interesting life so go check her out and give her a follow.



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