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The Life Bohemia - Recipe


· One long weekend

· 16 oz of well-aged architecture

o 8 oz Gothic

o 3 oz Classicism

o 3 oz Baroque

o 2 oz 20th Century Brutalism

· 4 oz of Jewish tradition

· 2 oz of chopped medievalism

· A teaspoon of communist history

· Some top-notch Pilsner


1. To make the perfect Prague holiday we are going to need to cook it over three to five days. Any less and we miss the complexity of the flavour and what makes Prague Prague will be lost as we will only get skin deep.

2. Now to make this holiday stand out from the rest we are going to need to crane our neck, take in the architecture. We are going to find that whilst it is predominantly Gothic there are tasting notes of classicism, baroque and mid 20th century brutalist. Creating the

full spectrum of flavour that one can only describe as bohemian.

3. Now whilst we stir in our architecture together, we need to gently pour in our four ounces of Jewish Tradition, without it, the whole recipe falls apart. It allows us to take our time to appreciate the life we have. With this comes the respect and wonder of how a city of such beauty has gone through such turmoil and hatred and has come out the other side.

4. Whilst we have the architecture and religious tradition simmering take some time for yourself to have a beer, some proper Czech pilsner. As we are sat on a pavement in the old town square, we can let the mix sit for a while whilst you just breath in Prague, all the complexities and nuances, each sniff different from the last.

5. Now, let’s move on, we need to add in our medievalism. So, we’re talking torture museums and Knights’ armours and maces and lances and castles and just trust me. We’ll need this in our recipe or just like what’s the point? This is the right kind of spice that you need on a holiday, it’s the cayenne pepper on top of your Goulash.

6. Whilst stirring we are going to slowly add our teaspoon of communist history. Now, we can’t add too much as you might come away with a holiday that is a little too Red. But just the right amount and it will add the best kind of intrigue and palate cleansing education.

The wonderful thing about this recipe is the fact that it can be cooked all year round, with different flavours and nuances coming to the forefront in different seasons. Now you have your recipe for a Prague Holiday go and enjoy the life bohemia.


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