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Travelling the US in Covid

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

World Citizens Travel is an amazing page that looks to connect people from around the world with their stories of travel. They have also been intrepid enough to get out and explore during the age of Covid. Today they are telling the story of their Covid travels and giving us a few tips along the way. So here they are World Citizens Travel.

Our world has turned in a direction that no one could’ve ever been prepared for. One of the most unprecedented pandemics ever recorded has changed the life of every human being on this planet. Every facet of life has been affected and continues to hang in the balance as we continue to try and find our footing. Travel has undoubtedly taking a significant dive in effort to keep people from being in such close quarters. Airlines are fighting to re-establish themselves as people have been urged to stay home. What does that mean for travellers? The walls seem to be closing in, we’re stuck and the options are limited. Well that’s not the whole truth, even in a time such as we are experiencing right now we, World Citizens Travel, have been able to put together some great itineraries that have turned out to be some of our best trips yet. So we’re going to share some info with you to hopefully help you plan a great experience for yourself. First thing’s first, this pandemic is not over and should be taken seriously in your day to day activity. When you decide to travel you’ll want to do some research on your normal service providers to see how their policies have been changed to account for Covid. Check out this article we wrote with a few travel tips that can help you on your trip. A lot of the problem the country has with this pandemic is the human to human interaction so most, if not all, of our travel has been adapted to avoid that interaction. For example, unlike the past, our trips have been geared towards road travel versus completely in the air. A lot of the issue with the spread is that people not only need to protect themselves, but you should do things to help protect your neighbour as well. So by traveling on the road that leaves a little space for the people flying the friendly skies. Ok, enough about the logistics, let’s get into some of the recent travel that has more than quenched our thirst for exploring. We took one of the most popular road trips in America up the Pacific Coast Highway We carved out 10 days and drove from Los Angeles, CA to Seattle, WA. We stopped at about 50 sites along the coast in California, Oregon, and Washington state. We patronized beaches, national state parks, and some unique niche cities all along the coast. The beaches were not your average walk up big city beaches, they were carved out in the natural setting of the land. So for a few we found ourselves hiking trails or even scaling rocks to get to the promised land. And it was worth every minute. We explored many state parks and saw a lot of beautiful landscape that was unique to each area and always breath-taking in its own right. On top of all the scenery, most cities had something special to offer like the sand dunes or the Tillamook creamery in Oregon. It was this trip that inspired us to be more engaged and intentional in exploring nature deeper. And what better time than now to do so. It’s the perfect setting to unplug and relax, and it poses no issues for practicing social distancing to help stop the spread of COVID-19. So are you itching to travel right now? Well our suggestion to you is to look up some places near you that offer outdoor activities that are self guide friendly. There are so many places to explore that often are overlooked because we all want to take that extravagant trip that leads us to a destination across the globe. We have the resources to take the same caliber trips right here in our own backyard. In fact, we decided to visit some cities in our home states of Tennessee and North Carolina for thanksgiving. We have doubled down on our hiking interest because its a Covid friendly activity that we enjoyed prior to this time. However, even if you are not into hiking or just being outside in general these locations we visited have great accommodations that will allow you to just kick back and enjoy the amazing scenery from a cabin or condo in the mountains. We visited Gatlinburg, TN and hiked in the Smokey Mountain National park, its right up our alley. We even were able to see a black bear come across a road near a trail we hiked! From Tennessee we drove to Asheville, NC which is a quaint mountain town that’s very progressive and buzzing with personality. The downtown is pedestrian friendly and has lots of shops and some craft breweries to patronize if you want to get out of the house. We also had some great culinary experiences there as well. And for those who are interested in hiking we got a mixture of easy to intermediate trails to see some nice waterfalls. What’s the plan going forward? As of right now we plan to stay grounded as much as we can and continue exploring America. Although a few countries have began to allow tourist again we feel that Covid is still too volatile to risk traveling out of the country and something happening while we are away. So we will continue to explore America and check off the gems that are within arms reach and are much less riskier for us to travel to. We will continue to use our model of road tripping to multiple cities in close proximity to maximize on availability. Traveling is not impossible and its probably more safe than some may realize, but there is a need to be responsible in such a way that will protect you and other explorers. Travel safely and for more info on the trips mentioned above and more travel tips and inspiration, be sure to subscribe and connect with us at Thanks, World Citizens Travel

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