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Dear Diary, I love Lake Bled

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

24th July 2016

Dear Diary,

I love Lake Bled!!!

On this, our last day in Slovenia, I want to write a tribute to what has been on of my favourite places whilst interrailing, so far.

First off I just want to say how beautiful Slovenia is as a whole. But Lake Bled is absolutely stunning. The two days we spent there were bright and sunny, which really added to the spectacular scenery on show. The lake is a crystal blue with the rays of sun dancing on top, making it glisten. The mountains tower on either side, covered in greenery which gives it a beautiful contrast to the lake. An island sits in the middle of the lake where a white building waits in solitude, a tower rising from its roof. In a word Lake Bled is pure bliss.

When we went to Lake Bled we travelled by train, we are interrailing after all. It was an old clunker, but got the job done. When we got off at the station we didn’t realise how far away the lake would be from Bled Station so we decided to walk it. It was a long walk, but incredibly scenic! I am glad we did it the first time but needless to say we got the bus from the station the rest of the time.

Lake Bled has loads of stuff to do, but to make it to Athens we do need to be careful with money. We couldn’t resist going for a swim of course! There’s a ‘water park’ where we jumped in the lake and messed about with some inflatables. Funny story actually. It’s been a while since I have properly swam but I wanted to make it out as far as the life guards would let us, so I swam to the boundary. It must have taken me a long time to get there because when I reached the boundary the guard asked me if I was a confident swimmer and needed assistance getting back to the platform, this was incredibly embarrassing! Anna and Tom couldn’t stop laughing.

We also hired a row boat to get properly out to the middle of the lake, I wasn’t swimming it. This was so much fun and there’s a great picture of Tom and I rowing the boat. Sitting in the middle of the Lake really lets you take in the beauty of the surroundings. We did want to try and make it to the little island but that turned out to be a little over ambitious in the time given. The nights also looked amazing, it felt like the entire town of Bled was covered in fairy lights but we had to go back to Ljubljana. If I was to go to Slovenia again I would spend a night in Bled to see what the nightlife is like.

Apparently the winters around Lake Bled are incredible too. The activities move from the lake to the mountains. Expect an entry from the winter in Bled!

Now I am sitting on a train from Ljubljana to Belgrade starting the final leg of our interrail journey down to Athens.

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